We know that you have lots of questions about turf. We always find it’s best to meet up in person, so that you can see and feel the options and get in-depth, personal answers to turf as it relates to your property. That’s why we offer a free quote to every potential customer.

But, we also know that there are some things that you just want to know in advance, to get more comfortable with who we are and what it takes to upgrade to turf. So, here’s what we have to say about our most frequently asked questions.

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Most of our customers are looking for a standard residential install for a front or backyard. But turf is perfect in other areas too.

Turf looks great on rooftops, patios and balconies too. We install poolside for something soft under your feet when you get out of the pool. And for extra fun, we design putting greens for the golfers among you.

In addition to home turf, we work with businesses, apartment complexes and schools to install turf in communal spaces, sports fields, and even indoors. We’ve put turf down in local CrossFit gyms, to give gym-goers a little extra challenge on a grassy floor.

If you take a look at our Yelp reviews, you’ll see that we take on small jobs that other installers won’t touch. So if you’ve been told “no” for a small space from the other guys, give us a call anyway. We’ll try to figure it out.

Plan to spend about 30–45 minutes for your estimate.

George and Tyvon will come out with several turf samples, of varying heights and colors, so that you can touch and feel the product, and see what it looks like on your property.

During the quote, we’ll measure the property and get an idea of your design aesthetic—you can let us know if you’d like straight turf, if you want to include a putting green, and/or if you’re interested in any decorative rock or plants along the edges.

We’ll also see what needs to be done in terms of removing existing grass or plants, and assess property access and leveling needs for the installation.

Once we’ve answered your questions, we’ll head back to the office, draft some plans, and get you an estimate within two business days.

Yes, design is always included for customers.

Pricing varies, but generally, you’re looking to pay $7-10 per square foot, including turf and labor.

That said, there are many variables that could impact your cost. We offer a wide range of turf styles and tones, which are offered at different price points. Extras such as pavers, plants, putting greens, or additional labor (such as steep hillsides or rooftop installs) are taken into consideration.

Sometimes customers ask for multiple estimates, in order to compare different types of turf, or a few design options. We are happy to accommodate.

Once you’ve approved the design and we’ve scheduled the install, here are the steps:

1. Demolition: Remove soil and grass to three inches below the surface. Remove unwanted trees, bushes, plants.

2. Prepare Base: Install road base for drainage, plus decomposed granite for putting greens.

3. Compact: Level base to an even surface.

4. Weed Barrier: We use both weed killer spray and fabric.

5. Install Turf: Cut to specifications. Lay down the turf. Match up pile. Finish seams with seam tape, staples, and six-inch nails.

6. Finish: Groom grass, and infill with silica sand, Envirofill (for fields) or Zeolite (for pets).

7. Clean Up: And get out of your way so you can enjoy your turf!

Note: your job may vary, depending on project specifications.

We’ve seen enough hack jobs out there to simply say: because you want it done right.

You’ve seen them too. Uneven turf. Seams pulled apart. Blades going in different directions. Turf that looks more like a trampled-on carpet than a nice lush lawn. It’s really sad to invest in replacing a lawn, only to have it look bad.

There have been times that we’ve had people call us up and ask to buy nothing but the turf, and install it on their own. We’re okay with that—we’ll sell you the turf—but we are always careful to take the time to explain the process, so that you go into your DIY project with eyes wide open.

In those instances, we’ve had a few customers who took our advice and expertise to heart, said they had plenty of manual labor experience, and proceeded to install it themselves. But what we’ve often found is that once we explain the full process to get a long-lasting, durable look, they prefer to spend the extra money and go with the pros.

There are many. Here are a few benefits our customers tell us they appreciate the most:

— Artificial turf is very low maintenance. It feels great to come home to a green lawn that doesn’t need to be watered, weeded or mowed. You’ll still want to clear off leaves seasonally if you’ve got trees overhead, and rinse it occasionally with pets, but that’s about it.

—There is no mess! No more muddy shoes. No more dry dusty dirt.

— Artificial turf reduces your water consumption, which is great for the environment, but also for your wallet. Results vary, but many of our clients see water and sewer bills cut by 25-50% when they make the switch.

— It’s always green. You won’t have to worry anymore about brown patches, yellowing grass, dandelions, or a dying lawn.

— It lasts a long time. While the initial investment is more than sod, it pays off in the long run. The average natural grass lawn needs to be reseeded or resodded about every 6-8 years. Our turf comes with an 18-year residential warranty. (See more about that below, under “How long will my turf last?”)

— It makes it easy to send the kids and pets outside, and let them get their energy out without making a mess.

— You can make it fun. Our customers love to add a putting green, upping the fun factor at home or at the office.

Once you’ve installed your turf, we’ll send you a full email including your warranties and maintenance tips from our manufacturer. As noted previously, turf is a very low maintenance option for homes and businesses, but does require some upkeep. Most maintenance is seasonal or rare.

— In case of spills, the turf will not stain, but we recommend rinsing with water and a little dish soap or vinegar for anything sticky or that contains bacteria.

— Pick up after your pets. We include detailed information about how to handle both liquid and solid waste in your post-install email, and are always happy to talk about our pet-friendly turf and infill products designed to reduce odor and combat bacteria.

— Remove seeds and leaves with a carpet rake or stiff broom.

— Trim tree roots that grow over time and threaten to displace turf.

The turf that we use is non-toxic and certified lead-free, and our infill is all-natural. We care about your pets and children as if they were are own, and we want you to feel safe about the products that we use. That’s why we carefully screen every material that goes into your lawn for health and safety.

The turf that we use comes with an 18-year residential warranty, and a 10-year commercial warranty, courtesy of the manufacturer. We also provide a 1-year labor warranty on the install.

Absolutely not. While crumb rubber may have seemed like a good idea in the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality (as a way to repurpose old tires), it’s health impacts are being discussed.

Instead, we use an all-natural silica sand for our infill on standard jobs, and antimicrobial, odor-suppressing Zeolite for families and businesses with pets. Zeolite is approved for animal feed in Canada, and is used in many products in the United States, and has been put through rigorous health testing. For more information about Zeolite, click here.

If you live in an area where you or your neighbors have had a gopher problem, we add a layer of wire mesh to our install, beneath the road base. The mesh is too small for gophers to fit through, and too strong for them to chew, so once they reach it, they’ll turn around and look for an easier area to surface.

Great question. We make it as easy as possible! You can:

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